The most important play to see this holiday season!

reviews of our current run at mixed blood nov29-dec15 2019!


"...highly entertaining with rich humor and strong performances throughout, but it is also a serious work that will most certainly prompt discussions long after the lights go down."  Review by Arthur Dorman

Photo above:  Gabriele Angieri (Robert), Pascha Fountain (Michelle), and Laura Esping (Aunt Lisa).  Photo by Bruce Silcox


Review by Brian Tyrrell

"The Viking and The Gazelle is the winner of the most entertaining play with a deep social message..."

Photo at left:  Directors E.G. Bailey and Sha Cage.  Photo by Bruce Silcox

Full Review by Brian Tyrrell -

Critique of: The Viking and the Gazelle - by an aging white male beginning playwright and a Theatre Major at Metro State University.

Plays I have seen this past year.

I have seen 4 productions at the Gutherie. Two at the Orpheum. The Garden produced by Ambiance Theatre Company performed at The Playwright’s Center. The Song of Summer produced by Mixed Blood Theatre. Two College productions, a few high schools productions and last night’s performance of The Viking and The Gazelle produced by The Waterfront Productions as a guest at Mixed Blood Theatre.

Entertainment versus Point of View. Everyone states you can’t compare apple to oranges but we all do. So here goes. The two most entertaining plays I have seen this year are: The Song of Summer and The Viking and The Gazelle both performed at Mixed Blood Theatre.

The Viking and The Gazelle is the winner of the most entertaining play with a deep social message because the Bengtson’s / Cast and Crew – delivered a play where the entertainment value didn’t totally compromise the messages. The Bengtson’s crafted a play that at rivals if not surpasses Lauren Yee’s - The Song of Summer on merit alone but in my opinion… The Viking and Gazelle… motif and themes need a larger audience. I would highly recommend that everybody see it.

Just because…I never know when to shut up… the most moving play I saw this year because I still feel it was: The Garden by Ambiance Theatre Company but the take away I had from that avant garde production was the vulnerability displayed deserves my full attention but not more empty words.

reviews from the 2019 minnesota fringe festival


Get ready to laugh...and then think!

Outstanding production, beautifully written! I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun watching a play! It’s non-stop laughs filled with rich dialogue that exposes and challenges your thoughts on interracial relationships. Don’t miss this one!

-Stephanie Jones

Where's my Robert?

A funny yet real (my cheeks were hurting) raw and uncut in your face production of what racism looks like in an interracial relationship and how love can conquer hate. Very well written, a must see!

-Tonya Brinston

Comedy enhances the message

Smart, funny, thought-provoking, heartfelt—this is an enjoyable yet important, very timely play. The acting and writing are superb—go see this one!

-Beth Freschi


Speaks the truth that needs to be said. It's powerful, funny, witty, and uses the stage in the best possible way. I can't wait to see it again this winter!

-Stephanie Alexander

Very relevant and necessary

The behind the scenes story of an interracial relationship. This is a must see play about the reality of race that many interracial couples must navigate to find love. Not only the external battles with family and friends, but the internal battle of how to navigate identity within the relationship. You must see this play!

-Yolanda Beckers


The play was engaging as well as thought provoking. To hear this played out from someone’s personal experience brought it closer to home. It’s an eye opener and definitely worth seeing. They couldn’t have chosen a better cast! They were all outstanding in character!!!!

-Audrey D Williams


Serious topic done well

This is a wonderful work...he show definitely did not hold back, and addressed its subject matter it a brilliant, hilarious and thought provoking way that I was very glad I did not miss.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

-Brandon Zimmerschied


...the content was very thought provoking and relate-able. It was definitely an eye opener to see the content of varying levels of racism that still obviously exist in the world today. I appreciated the bravery and the vulnerability that the writers brought to life.

-Clay News

Insightful yet comedic

  The shows plot is multidimensional and touches key concepts that affect our society today while navigating the brewing romance between the couple. The show is so intriguing I believe you must watch it more than once to fully understand its narrative. IT'S A MUST SEE!

-Danniella Balangoy

Eye opening romance comedy

...I just Loved me some Shelia! This play opened my eyes to what an interracial relationship goes through. This is a great Date Night, Girl's Night, Guy's Night or go by yourself. It's a must See!

-Jacqueline Carter

Makes you think

Really enjoyed the show, frank conversation and relevant topic. Was really moved by the story of these two despite the challenges they faced.

-John Miller

Fantastic play

This play was really well done, from the storyline, the actors, the humor in the midst of a challenging topic. It was very thought-provoking and made me challenge my own thoughts on my white privilege. There were times I wanted all the action on the stage to stop so I could write down what was said! Michelle and Robert we’re completely honest in their character portrayals, and I also loved Sheila and Sam. make sure you get a chance to see this play!! You seriously won’t regret it.

-Karen Cross