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producing plays of cultural expression and inclusion

Dr. William P. Bengtson


President - Producer - Playwright

Dr. William is also Leadership Consultant with Minnesota Leadership Institute, and he teaches Applied Business courses at the University of Minnesota.   He received his doctorate from the University of St. Thomas where his dissertation focused on cultural dynamics affecting teams working in India and the United States.

Suzanne M. Bengtson


Creative Director - Producer - Playwright

Suzanne's previous theater performance experience includes The Honeydripper and Dragon Feathers with Urban Spectrum Theater.   She also works as an Education Strategist with Twin Cities Rise where she implements training initiatives to assist under-served populations to transform their lives.

The Waterfront Productions

Our mission is to enhance inter-cultural awareness, understanding, and acceptance through artistic performance.    

The world is a beautiful place where people from cultures of all sorts live together.   We believe that sustaining cultural heritage is existential to all of our experiences.   We all should feel free to retain the historical cultural identities of our ancestors, and we can too embrace the unique beauty of others who do the same.   The cultural conditions we all live in can be seen as complementary, rather than in conflict as all too often is the case. 

At The Waterfront Productions, our art is an expression of everyone's personal freedom to be who they are, and to accept the expression of others in kind.  In short, to have the courage to love yourself and to love everybody else too.  


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